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Introducing Quentin D'Souza, Host of the EducationREI podcast. Get insight into his background and experiences in Real Estate Investing.

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Getting Started in EducationREI series is an opportunity for you to be a fly on the wall of some of the conversations that I have with different members who are part of EducationREI and DurhamREI. I wanted you to get a sense of some of those conversations, as well as how I'm helping them in their real estate business, and how sometimes they're helping me in my real estate business.

Just so you know who I am. My name is Quentin D'Souza,

  • I'm an award winning real estate investor,
  • trusted authority of investing.
  • I'm certified teacher, I hold two university degrees, which includes Master's in education.

I quit my job in 2014 as a as a teacher with the Toronto school board, I was there for about 20 years, I quit at 40 years old. And I haven't looked back since. It's been a really interesting and gratifying experience to move away from the public system where I was in on the sunshine list, which was, it's basically public sector employees who earn over $100,000 was on my way to be an administrator or principal in the system, and decided to focus all my time on my own business.

I've appeared on local and national television and radio. I've been interviewed in national publications. I've been a keynote speaker to large audiences of real estate investors. I'm a proud member of the entrepreneurs organisation which has certain criteria to be accepted. I have been accepted in Tiger 21. Again, which is an organisation that has a certain net worth that is required to be accepted. You could look both of those up.

In my company Appleridge Homes, I use the buy, renovate, refinance, rent (BRRR) long term rental properties since 2008, started off with single family homes moved, over to apartment buildings, where I focus now. Im investing both in Ontario and in the US.

My Portfolio really focuses on Win Win relationships between myself and the people I work with. We currently have over 75 million+ in assets under management.

I'm the author of multiple books The Property Management Toolbox: A How-To Guide for Ontario Real Estate Investors and Landlords, The Filling Vacancies Toolbox: A Step-By-Step Guide for Ontario Real Estate Investors and Landlords for Renting Out Residential Real Estate. I co-wrote a book with two friends of mine The Ultimate Wealth Strategy: Your Complete Guide to Buying, Fixing, Refinancing, and Renting Real Estate.

And my last and latest book,The Action Taker's Real Estate Investing Planner, which is half book and half planner that helps you to achieve your real estate goals. You can find any of those books on Amazon.

I no longer offer coaching but I mentor real estate investors through the club and you can listen to those conversations or at least some of those conversations through this podcast. I hope you enjoy your listen and if you'd like to learn more about the club, you can visit DurhamREI or EducationREI enjoy the podcast

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Quentin D’Souza is a multiple award winning Real Estate Investor, and a trusted authority on real estate investing. He is an Ontario Certified Teacher and holds two university degrees, which includes a Master’s in Education. Quentin has appeared on local and national television and radio, interviewed in national publications, and has been a keynote speaker to large audiences of real estate investors. He owns a real estate portfolio in excess of $80 million dollars of assets under management across Canada and the US and transacted on 80+ properties since 2004. Quentin is the author of several books available on Amazon. He is also mentors real estate investors as the Chief Education Officer of the Education for Canadian Real Estate Investors and Durham Real Estate Investors Club.