Episode 31

31 - Set Real Estate Goals to Set Yourself Up for Success

Episode Summary

In this episode of Get Real Wealthy Season 2, Quentin talks about the importance of setting real estate investment goals.

Quentin says that it's important for any real estate investor to have some big goals and you need to connect those goals together. He likes to do 10-year goals, and suggests that you should write them somewhere you could see them every day. It could be a vision board or a chart. He recommends the book, The Action Taker's Real Estate Investing Planner, which will help you with goal setting. The book has plenty of templates and examples to help you get started.

He adds that when you are setting your 10-year goals, you need to start with the reality of your current state. Understand it, so you know where you want to go. Number two, ask the hard question of why. Why do you want to have that particular goal? Whether it's a real estate goal or not, you want to figure it out. He further adds that you can start with just one goal. It's the easiest way to develop weekly, and daily habits that help you to focus on that goal.

Another thing that can help you is telling others and sharing what your goal is. In a like-minded community, people will try to help you reach your goal. Lastly, you should get an accountability partner. They could help you evaluate what you are doing weekly and the action items that you are working on. All you need to do is find another person to act as an accountability partner.

In conclusion, Quentin says that if you are interested in finding an accountability partner, you can reach out to him or the EducationREI and DurhamREI communities.

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