Episode 6

6 - Four Life Lessons for Young Adults

Episode Summary

In this episode of Get Real Wealthy Season 3, Quentin shares four things he wishes he had spent more time doing when he was a young adult.

Quentin starts by saying the first thing he wishes he had done more was to take more risks and fail more often. as a young adult, that is the best time to take risks, business risks, and social risks because it's okay to fail. You should focus on your strengths and not on your weaknesses. Although we live in a culture where failure in school is considered bad, it does not equate to a failure in life. He adds that it's okay to try different jobs and quit. This way, you get to interact with different types of people and get to see different things. All those experiences can help you explore what it is that you like. He adds, "I think selling is one of the most important pieces that people forget that is necessary. Anything to do with selling, I would recommend that you get exposure to that…."

The second thing Quentin says he would have done differently as a young adult was to have spent more time learning after school was done on business topics. He further adds, "I would have read more books; I would have found more mentors… audiobooks… podcasts and find other people who were moving in the same direction as me…." There are many meetups, groups, and online communities that can help you learn. So, you must continue to learn after school is done. Learning and continuing to learn is more important.

The third thing he wishes he had spent more time doing was traveling independently. Traveling by yourself can be challenging. It's tough because you're forced to act and interact with other people; you're forced to talk and meet people. You need to come out of your shell to do that, but it also gives you a greater sense of independence.

The fourth thing he wishes he had done more often is related to "analysis paralysis." He adds, "you must apply what you learn. Don't get stuck in learning. Learning is important. It helps you take your mind from one place to another, but then you must apply what you learn as fast as possible." In conclusion, he says homework for this episode is to reflect on those four things and see if you can plan one area in each of those four things mentioned for you.

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